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CUSTOM REQUEST – She is dressed in a doctor’s coat on top and sexy black underwear underneath, initially green surgical mask and then black and sexy cleavage, the usual completely naked slave.

Mistress Gaia has found a way to combine business with pleasure, she has opened a fertility clinic behind which, however, there is a real castration center.
Through this intuition of her, in a completely legal way, she will be able to oppose the procreation of subjects that will prove to be among the most dangerous for women: pigs!

Part 1

You are in the location of her medical clinic videos.
It is the turn of a patient who has to perform a sperm sample for assisted fertilization.
The scene opens with her sitting on the couch and the patient in a chair or armchair near the couch.
“So, I see that he is ready (and smiles), is he ready to supply me with her sperm?” and she meanwhile she plays with a collection container with her hands and does a bit of dangling with her shoes.
He notices that his patient takes a few seconds to answer yes, because he is distracted by his feet and realizes that he is a possible pig, so he puts his plan into practice (drops a shoe on the ground and the client begins to get an erection ).
“I would like to offer you a new completely free service that we have here in the clinic for a few days, it is a support for the juice collection, I will help you provide the donation, could you be interested?” and she drops the other shoe.
The patient will immediately say yes.
“Ok, but we have to complete a formality, you have to sign the acceptance contract” and she hands it to him. The patient does not even read it mesmerized from his feet and affix his signature.
“Well Mr. XXXXX (you can invent a name), I just want to emphasize that the service is limited to facilitating your withdrawal, when it is ready you will have to stop me and I will let you proceed with the collection in the container (and hands it to you). also warn you that there are penalties if you do not follow this simple rule. Article 6. “.
The patient, more and more fascinated by his feet (in the meantime he rubs one foot on top of the other) does not even notice what he is saying and replies: “Ok, I understand, there is no problem”.
“Very good” and he takes off his gown in sexy black underwear and then changes his surgical mask from green to black.

He sits down on the couch and tells the client “I noticed that she likes my feet from the way she looks at them, they will help her then”.
Chamber 1 overall
Camera 2 zooms in on his feet
She starts jerking him off with her feet the way she likes and the patient won’t be able to tell her to stop but she will come. Once he comes he will continue with post orgasmic torment while he takes the contract and reads:

Let’s see …
Article 6: Penalty for non-compliance with the terms of the contract.
Bla bla bla
Bla bla bla
Here it is:
Help Me Service: In the event that the patient does not notify the assistant in time to provide the sperm sample (and this is the case), the patient will have to undergo castration.
This can take place in a chemical or traumatic way, the assistant is left with full decision-making power. ”

Once he has finished reading, he will go on to give the patient a “you”, so by now he is doomed: “You understand, Mr. XXXXX, I have to castrate you!” And he will laugh, and then “And you happened really badly with me, I love to castrate men and unfortunately for you it will happen in a traumatic way: I will castrate you in the most painful way, kicking you in the balls”.

At this point he stops masturbating him and makes him stand with his arms behind him. She starts kicking him in the balls, explaining that once he is done he will be a victory for humanity, because he will not be able to generate a new pig. He will insult the male gender and it would be nice if he told a real situation that happened to her in which he wanted to kick a man in the balls but he couldn’t, a great incentive in castration.
Obviously very powerful kicks and in large numbers, the patient will beg her for mercy, but nevertheless she will continue.
When he thinks it is enough to have reached the goal he will stop, look at the patient now lifeless on the ground: “See you tomorrow, so we can check if I have done a good job” and laughing he leaves the scene and leaves him on the ground…

Starring: Mistress Gaia
Size: 669.7 MB
Duration: 00:18:06 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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