Inked Asian Goddess Siren Thorn – Stop the Procedure! Part 2 Evil Asian Doctor

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Posted: April 27, 2021 в 8:59 pm

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Inked Asian Goddess Siren Thorn – Stop the Procedure! Part 2 Evil Asian Doctor

Continuation from Part 1 The procedure gets darker and more depraved… My restrained, gas masked patient has endured painful treatments for his condition – over active libido. I believe he requires a strong anesthetic for this next round of treatments… I fill his IV drip bag with my golden nectar. This will surely take his mind off the pain. I’ve always been a dynamic practitioner and do not shy away from alternative treatments. The IV drip bag full of my nectar goes straight into a tube into his gas mask for him to consume. At one point, he drops the tube. Literally the ONLY task he has to do is hold it in his mouth… bad boy! I tell him that I can dr*wn him in it if I please, and I empty the bag down the tube and into his mouth. I amp up the electro shock tort*re on the bands strapped to his cock head. His balls are still stretched with the wicked metal testicle stretcher I put on him in Part 1. There is a lot of skin for me to work with now, a nice stretch… perfect for me to slice. I mind fuck him and make him think I will get rid of his balls… sliding a wartenberg pinwheel on his painfully stretched balls. It’s not uncommon medical practice to excise what is placing a burden to the rest of the body. He doesn’t need these balls anyway… I take a medical stapler and staple his outstretched balls, and he moans in fear and pain. Throughout the procedure, he remains hard… I think this demented patient craves the pain and depravity of my treatments. I enjoy using this information to my advantage, teasing and denying him while I toy with his breathe, covering his breathing holes with a towel whenever he is making too much noise and interfering with my concentration.

Starring: Siren Thorn
Size: 500.7 MB
Duration: 00:13:34 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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