Miss Isobel Devi, Domina T. – Two Babes Busting Two Balls

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Posted: April 20, 2021 в 8:54 pm

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Miss Isobel Devi, Domina T. – Two Babes Busting Two Balls

Balls are not good for much, it is a proven fact. Since I am person who dislikes waste very much, I make sure to use balls to the best of their ability whenever possible. What is their best use? of course.
Busting balls fills Me with diabolical joy. Kicking a man to the ground is exuberant. Kicking him while he is down is even better. His whining is hilarious, what a little baby. Of course he is expected to take blow after blow without trying to defend his buzzed machismo.
Once they are sore and bruised I stretch My nails on them and listen to his pleas of desperation. Ah, I cannot wait to crush them in the plexi box.

Scene Two “Ball Busted by a Bodacious Beauty”

It is so cute when men like our slave think they will come over to satisfy Us in some magical way. There is no magical use for men though, they are mainly just slapstick fun. Like this idiot, his only skill was kneeling there while Domina T practiced Her kicks on his ugly nuts. Even then he would keel over every once in a while. Totally worthless…
At least T could enjoy Herself watching him be a pile of trash, generously grinding Her stiletto heel into it’s balls.

Scene Three “Shiny Balls for Busting”

If a slave’s balls do not hang low enough for proper busting, a stretching is in order. This slave has been equipped with shiny new ball weights to correct the unsatisfactory hang of his meager balls. They amuse My girlfriend Domina Tetra Von Kemp. What a pretty target for Us to aim our shiny heels at. After a few rounds of kicking, the loser is on the floor, doubled over. Despite trying his best, his weak, pathetic balls cannot stand up to Our thirst for busting.
He can have a short break, before We continue.

Scene Four “Ruining his Torturous Orgasm”

There comes a point where even the brawniest Ball Busting slave takes a knee and can no longer stand for more service. This is not to say this particular slave has performed to an exemplary standard so far; In fact he has been quite the disappointing bag of human waste.
These types use to be put to pasture. These days My insatiable appetite for sadism has led Me to employ more innovative tactics that I am excited to share with My girlfriend Domina T. I vicariously relive My first impression of My now favorite trinket through Her reactions. We take turns tightening the screws into his skin. That buzzed foot zombie just cannot resist Us. The pressure becomes too high and he blows without permission, a crime punishable by hard kicks to the groin.

Starring: Miss Isobel Devi, Domina T.
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