The Dacey Harlot – Boyfriend Beatdown: Balls Busted Wide Open

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Posted: April 14, 2021 в 9:34 pm

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The Dacey Harlot – Boyfriend Beatdown: Balls Busted Wide Open

Akira has had the worst day! She caught her boyfriend lying, she was late to her pedicure appointment and she broke a nail all in one afternoon! Once her bestie Dacey hears all about her traumatic day she knows exactly how to cheer her up, there’s literally nothing Akira and Dacey love more than busting up some inferior males balls. And who else is the perfect fit for the job? Dacey’s boyfriend Dexter. Always willing to please and go above and beyond to make her happy he agrees to let these to beautiful brats go all out kicking him in his cock and balls relentlessly. Taking turns kicking Dexter right in his balls pushing them up in to his stomach and dropping him to his knees. As the girls start getting warmed up they decide that Dexter wearing shorts is way too much protection and Akira and Dacey want full contact and to feel his balls split and separate around their feet. Dacey takes a position next to her boyfriend while Akira standing in front of him distracts him with fainted kicks and wind ups so Dacey can land the sneak kick while he’s not looking catching him off guard and dropping him again to the floor. These naughty brats stand in front of him and behind him at the same time taking turns kicking him over and over again until they drop him again laughing at his pain. When Akira still isn’t feeling better Dacey knows how to really cheer her up. Full skin on skin contact. Stripping Dexter down completely, standing exposed, fear truly grips him knowing they are about finished with him but they are also about to start kicking harder and getting carried away. And he was right. Kicks from the side, kicks from the front, kicks from the back. Wearing down Dexter til his nothing but a heap of a sad broken man, Dacey picks Dexter up off the ground for one last barrage of kicks pummeling his ball sack busting him wide open and leaving him to groan and hold his balls on the ground.

Starring: Dacey Harlot, Akira Shell, Dexter Darkly
Size: 620.9 MB
Duration: 00:09:42 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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