Inked Asian Goddess Siren Thorn – Stop the Procedure! Part 1 medical fetish roleplay

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Posted: March 18, 2021 в 12:20 pm

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Inked Asian Goddess Siren Thorn – Stop the Procedure! Part 1 medical fetish roleplay

“Part 1 of my medical fetish video “Stop The Procedure!” Warning: dark mindfuck ahead and not for the faint of heart. Only true, submissive medical fetishists need apply. In this exciting medfet roleplay video (not POV, features real Dom/sub play), I am Dr. Thorn, dressed in an alarmingly sexy medical latex bodysuit, guaranteed to induce heart palpitations. My patient/slave has his senses obscured by a gas mask. I strap him down to the medical table, clip some strict clamps onto his nipples, and tie up his wayward cock. For many patients, restraint is a must and ensures receiving the most effective treatment possible for their condition. This patient clearly has some issues with his overactive libido, so he was placed on strict bed rest for his cock – denial for weeks. He is dripping from frustration, but I will not give him release yet. With him spread and vulnerable, I squeeze his full balls, slip on my black latex examination gloves and finger his ass, probing and feeling his prostate. I believe he should feel full in additional ways, so I slide my inflatable anal plug in him and inflate to its maximum… ensuring his anal cavity is open and receptive for any treatment I deem necessary. It goes in with ease. This slutty patient of mine… he is well-prepared for treatment today. The procedure takes a sinister tone and I assure him that I am going to fuck him up today. I like patients like him, who lack inhibitions in the name of medical science. Truly beneficial to me as a practitioner of perverse procedures. I stretch his balls with an evil metal ball stretcher, one of my favourite medical instruments. There is a nice piece of skin between the base of his cock and his balls… a perfect place to slice… I fuck with his mind about cutting right there, a la c*stration fantasy. Hmmm, how far can I stretch them before it’s off with his balls? He doesn’t need them anyway, and would be far more productive without them. With his balls still stretched, I place a mean, spiked metal device at the base of his balls. I lube up my urethral sounds and penetrate his cock hole, holding his breath for him as I insert thicker and thicker sounds into his urethra. I am pleased with how much he can take, and decide he is ready for a shock to his system by strapping some electro play bands onto his cock head. His moans of pain excite me, and I decide it is time for his oral medicine of my gold nectar… see the administration of such in upcoming Part 2

Starring: Siren Thorn
Size: 635.8 MB
Duration: 00:17:18 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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