Savage Soles – Scarlet Hart – Mocked, Gagged and Ballbusted

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Posted: March 2, 2021 в 10:30 am

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Savage Soles – Scarlet Hart – Mocked, Gagged and Ballbusted

Before slave-slut Charles can do much more than face her, the cruel Scarlet Hart kicks him in the balls – hard, dropping him like a stone. Long-haired and beautiful, she contrasts the vision of her great cheekbones and athletic body – its lean muscles everywhere – with the violence within her – that which inspires her ramming her sneaker into his mouth and foot gagging him – how she removes it and shoves it into his throat. Kicks to the heart and another ballbust that makes him fall “Splat!” – knees-first onto the hardwood floor. He is in pain. He panics, and her calves flex as she buries her shoe – her foot still in it – back down his throat. He screams through it like it’s a muffler. “Open your mouth; stick your tongue out,” the beautiful man-hater demands. She uses his tongue as a doormat, rips into his eyes with the points of her sneakers. She pulls off the Electra – the double-heel squat choke first used in Reality by the great one, and often again by superstar Andi Page, and Scarlet Hart uses it here. She covers his mouth with her shoe’s Sole – saying “Shhh” then stomping him viciously, jumping hard on him. She orders him to take her shoes and socks off. “Inhale, breathe deeply,” she demands, telling him she’s been walking around all the rainy day in them. She makes him lick between her toes, screaming at him as his tongue recedes like a lizard’s, though it’s just for a moment. Charles gets no leinancy. She pinches off his nose with her toes. “Open up wide!” Scarlet says, foot gagging him and continuing pinching his nose, showing – among many qualities – her flexibility. She wipes her Soles on his face, makes him lick them, laughs at him beneath her feet, looking up at her and shaking from fear. She explains to him what a fish hook is as she rips his mouth open with it Soles’ style, while laughing meanly that he knows nothing of its other incarnation. She tells the big pain-slave “Just accept it” – of his fate and debases him saying his mouth has likely been sucking on a lot of dicks and grosses her out. And she leaves him – thanking her.

Starring: Scarlet Hart
Size: 981.1 MB
Duration: 00:15:52 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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