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Posted: February 12, 2021 в 8:09 pm

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Girls Next Door TEAM BALLBUSTER – Miss Nutcracker Teaches Ballbusting

Hey Losers, this sexy clip came from the sadistic minds of myself and my best girlfriend Princess Lexie! Lexie plays the cute, innocent school girl who’s victimized when her classmate Jonny slaps her ass. She comes to me, (the teacher) Miss NutCracker for advice, and is thrilled to hear that I insists she kicks Jonny right in the balls for his misbehaviour. Lexie’s never kicked a boy before, so she joins me at my one on one tutoring session so we can surprise Jonny with an impromptu lesson in KICKING BOYS IN THE BALLS! BAHAHAHA! Lexie is shy at first, but quickly lets her vicious side out as I teach her how it’s done. We go over ball CRUNCHING kicks, knees, and kicks from behind. Then I throw my swollen and sore student Jonny on the couch, and Lexie and I use our legs to spread his wide open. I then teach my new favourite student Lexie how to really POUND a pair of Testicles with too many punches to count! The clip concludes as Lexie and I take turns BOOTING this loser in the Nuts as HARD as we can. Jonny makes the mistake of saying, “Oh my god, Lexie kicks even harder than you Miss NutCracker”. I take this as a direct challenge and decide to go all out until I RUPTURE poor little Jonny! LMAO!

Starring: Miss Nutcracker, Princess Lexie
Size: 285.9 MB
Duration: 00:13:00 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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