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Posted: January 19, 2021 в 10:15 pm

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Mistress Amrita – Martial Arts

This arrogant Western man dares to challenge Mistress Amrita! The big man counts on his advantage over a smaller Asian lady, but she is going to teach this loudmouth a lesson: As early as in Round 1 of this battle, Amrita turns her opponent into a loser! With effective moves, she evades his punches and attacks the mans two weaknesses: His low grappling skills, leaving him helplessly after Amrita has put him down on the mat (bed). And, secondly, his vulnerable male crotch: Easy attackable by Mistress Amrita whilst grappling him! Amrita combines Judo holds and pro-wrestling with mean ball busting that not only ruptures this fighting spirit, but his very testicles. While she controls him with holds, she uses his legs open and reavels his groin to her nut punches and Karate chops, ball-slapping and testicle squeezing. She even stomps his bollocks with heel kicks, and leaves him totally at her mercy. When he taps out, Amrita just changes from one hold to another and continues her strict lesson in Asian femdom. Getting victimized by Amritas super strong legs, this guy must feel like in pussy envy, however, this is only Round 1 and 2, he will suffer even more humiliation when the fight goes on Guys, worship Amritas superior grappling, her strong female legs and her well-aimed attacks on the mans weak-spot between his not-so-strong legs!

Starring: Mistress Amrita
Size: 387.4 MB
Duration: 00:10:30 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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