Goddess Ziaregal – BALL ABUSE CLIP PACK 3CLIPS IN 1 PACK – The cruel Goddess

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Posted: December 5, 2020 в 10:21 pm

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Goddess Ziaregal – BALL ABUSE CLIP PACK 3CLIPS IN 1 PACK – The cruel Goddess

If you dont do your job I smash your balls! – I squeeze your balls you pathethic loser while I ignore you! – The enslaved woodsman- ballbusting discipline.
My slave made me angry once again because he didnt do the tasks I gave him before I left home. I got really mad that he is so useless so I ordered him to lay down front of me. He didnt know whats gonna come. I smashed his pathetic dick and balls with my really high heeled boots. He was sufferning pretty bad but that made me enjoy this torment even more. I love to see when he is in pain:) I like to walk in the woods pretty often. There is a woodsman who has always had his eyes on me, I immediately saw that he is a loser type so I seduced him slowly slowly so he fell in love with me. He does everything I want, after I made him lick my muddy riding boots I thought it would be so much fun to ride him. But I was wrong he is not the right pony, he isnt fast enough and he cant hold me long enough, he fell down twice which really made me mad. For his mistake he got punished by my cane. He even had to count how many times he got hit 🙂 but the best is yet to come:) After I wanted to punish this wretched loser a lil more, I became even more cruel and sadistic so I started to kick his balls. He couldnt take too much even from this, he is too lame to take anything 🙂 I love to torment this fat clown today while I used him as my foot stool I thought it shouldnt be so easy for him like always, so I decided to tramp on his dick and balls. Anyways he dont need them because he is not a man and no woman will ever gonna fuck this pathetic loser 🙂

Starring: Goddess Ziaregal
Size: 1.1 GB
Duration: 00:20:26 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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