Human Ballbusting bag for Mistress Haelah Sin and Mistress Maya Sin

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Posted: November 8, 2020 в 10:31 pm

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Human Ballbusting bag for Mistress Haelah Sin and Mistress Maya Sin

Mistress Maya Sin in her black latex blouse, almost see-through yellowish latex pants and her red Louboutins and Mistress Healah Sin in a black leather skirt and matching leather boots are approaching a slave that is in a miserable position. He is encased in plastic wrap, wearing a black leather hood and he is tied to a pillar. He can’t move much, just as the Mistresses like for what they have in mind for him today. He is going to be their human punching bag. There is one area on the slave’s body that the mistresses are especially interested it, the area between his legs. Therefore his dick and balls are not encased for better access. Both mistresses start taking turns in kicking the poor slave’s balls. The slave starts moaning immediately. He is told to say ‘Thank you, Mistress’ after every kick, but he seems to forget that a lot. The mistresses are enjoying kicking the slave, they laugh a lot. Mistress Maya starts slapping the balls with her gloved hand. The moaning gets louder. Nobody cares. Interestingly, the harder he is kicked the harder he gets, it seems. He has the audacity to leak precum. That’s not what the Mistresses like. The slave is coerced to lick his own precum. The clip continues with ballbusting, ball kicking, barefoot kicking, paddling. In between the torment gets so intense for the slave that he almost breaks his bonds but that is fixed soon. Are you interested to know what the colour of the balls is after the treatment? What shade of red and blue? Well, watch the clip!

Starring: Maya Sin, Healah Sin
Size: 773.7 MB
Duration: 00:10:01 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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