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Posted: August 28, 2020 в 10:11 pm

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Kitty Needs Smash Nuts – Kitty and Tiger – volcan51

I always love for going for his balls, grab them squeeze them, knee them, its so damm easy i literally do it all day, all time, just cant get tired of it. This time its a bit special (just a bit) because im on super sexy high heel sandals they have hunger for more serious ball pain. This one he is just there waiting like if something interesting will happen. And i will. I do a classic kiss+ sneaky grab, get his balls, squeeze them hard untill he falls to floor then start to play with them. He parts enjoy, parts scared, should have listened the scared part because i kick his balls hard with my sandals. And when he is helpless i make him kiss the foot it kicked him. This scene turn me so on i will force him to please me. How i will? By his balls of course.

Kisses. Kitty.

Spanish Language

Starring: Kitty, Tiger
Size: 944.9 MB
Duration: 00:06:30 min
Resolution: 1440×1080


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