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Posted: August 26, 2020 в 8:31 pm

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Balls Are Made For Busting: Full Movie – Mistress An Li

Part I

Face down, ass up, that’s the way I like to bust!
The bondage doesn’t hurt, either. 😉 So if you ever find yourself with your hands and legs restrained to my bed, your ass chained up to the air, and your balls swinging in the breeze, you better expect that I’m going for your gonads.
After all, how could I resist myself when they’re so vulnerable and open for me?
First with my hands, twisting, pulling, and squeezing. And then with my cute little feet, kicking, stomping, and smooshing. And when your face is pressed down in the bed, you’ll never know when it’s coming. How funny is that?
I know you’re scared, and I know it hurts, but your Mistress’ entertainment comes first. And your balls come last.

Part II.

Isn’t it funny how a man can be beat until he cries, and then horny the next second?
Men are such simple creatures. Why not exploit that weakness? Why not see how hard he can get after the ballbusting he just experienced? Why not see how much I can milk this little bitch for all he’s worth?
And with my slave tied up in strict bondage, I edge his cock again and again, getting it hard for me, bringing it to the brink, and then taking it away. His orgasm is mine to control and manipulate, and my slippery hands make it far too easy to bring him there.
But do men really ever deserve to cum?
You and I both know the answer to that one: no.
So right when he’s at his hardest, I beat the joy out of him until his cock shrinks again, just in time for his chastity to slide back on.

Starring: An Li
Size: 2.2 GB
Duration: 00:23:06 min
Resolution: 1920×1080


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  • Charles
    Author: Charles Added August 27, 2020 в 09:47

    Mistress An Li is so Divine a Supremacy Goddess


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