An Li’s Ass Emporium – Always Beneath Me: Part II

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Posted: August 4, 2020 в 9:55 pm

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An Li’s Ass Emporium – Always Beneath Me: Part II

I know being my bondage slave can be difficult. For one, you’re probably always excited around me. Why wouldn’t you be? Being helpless makes you hard and horny. You never know how I’m going to use and tease my vulnerable piece of gimp meat…

I’m feeling particularly generous today for my bondage slave. I’m going to edge him. I’m going to edge him hard. And while he’s all tied up and unaware, I’m going to bust him. Because what’s the point of pleasure without a lot of pain? What’s the point of him having all this fun without suffering at my hands?

So I ballbust him again and again and again. I edge him until he’s rock hard and I punch him in the nuts until his cock deflates. I jerk him until he’s on the brink of pleasure and I slap his nads until he yelps in pain. I hit his nutsack so many times that each time I stop jerking him off, he actually flinches in expectation of the punch. My favorite.

And when he’s done?

What do you think? He’s going to get ruined in the only way I feel like ruining his orgasm. 😉

Features: a sexy ballbusting handjob scene that builds up in intensity as he’s being stroked. Watch me ballbust and cock tease my rockhard slave into sheer confusion, finishing him off into a ruined bound orgasm until he’s nothing more than a deflated little bitch. A must for CBT lovers.

Starring: An Li
Size: 1.2 GB
Duration: 00:16:16 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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