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Posted: June 16, 2020 в 8:55 pm

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Princess Marx – Ballbusting in Ski Cabin

On loan to Me from a Master friend, this slave begged Me to make himself useful by providing a darling little ski cabin in the mountains of California. I had no plans to play – in fact, I was resolute that this creature wouldnt get any play – hence the very casual clothing – we werent planning for this. However… when I found out that the slave had never been kicked in the balls… well, honestly, I just couldn’t hold back. Still wearing my ski leggings, I give the slave a few trial kicks. I then take a break to celebrate My first day of skiing, and drink some champs. But when it comes time to open another bottle….I have a brilliant idea: let’s pop the cork into the slave’s nuts! Tipsy on champs and giddy with excitement, I make the slave wipe up all the spillage from the floor, and kick him as he’s wiping. As he gets closer to being done, I boss him around and pour champs onto the slave himself, purposely spilling everywhere and making more work for him xD I make him hump the puddle of champs as I intermittently kick him in the balls, spank him, and make him kiss My feet. Be on the lookout for moments when I lure the creature into a false sense of security – by gently caressing him with my foot, and then, just when he relaxes, catching him off guard and giving him a swift kick xD And every time I think I’m done, I just think of new ways to torment this creature and go back for more! There’s a bit of spanking, and I’m a little having fun in the clip, so look out for a few Borat references xD

Starring: Princess Marx
Size: 514.3 MB
Duration: 00:14:37 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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