The Mean Diva – Goddess Adrienne – Barefoot Ballbusting Beauty

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Posted: February 27, 2020 в 9:35 am

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The Mean Diva – Goddess Adrienne – Barefoot Ballbusting Beauty

Goddess Adrienne looks deliciously cruel in a stunning little black dress. The Mean Diva alone is hot enough to bring men to their knees but when she mercilessly busts her pathetic slaves balls for her divine amusement she surely means business. This pain slave is allowed the ebullient pleasure of feeling Goddess Adrienne’s heavenly bare feet viciously kick his manhood and balls into submission. Goddess Adrienne starts slowly with gentle beating taps on his balls which illicit the sound of pain and ecstasy! She continues to use his disgusting genitals as a stress relief toy until he is reduced to nothing less than a crying, groaning mess on the floor! By the end of this clip she is giving his balls the full treatment from her incredible and powerful kicks! Goddess Adrienne looks a vision of perfection as her extremely powerful kicks brings her pathetic slave to a screaming mess groveling for her mercy on the floor! Buy now to watch a powerful ball busting beauty!

Starring: Goddess Adrienne
Size: 979.0 MB
Duration: 00:13:18 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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