Mistress Kara Spark – Balls Training on the Bench – Part 2

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Posted: February 23, 2020 в 9:43 am

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Mistress Kara Spark – Balls Training on the Bench – Part 2

Balls training goes on in this second part. Now it’s time for the balls to be put on the bench and being properly crushed. I started squashing them in stockings, flattening them under my feet and taking them out from time to time (since they have the unfortunate tendency to bolt away when I crush them). I put one of my boots on, so he can enjoy some more pain, and guess what? He’s actually suffering more! But this is still not enough for me, so I tie them up tight so they can be more sensitive and swollen. These are very intense minutes, with me kicking, stomping and standing full weight on his tied, sore balls, sometimes with my bare foot, sometimes with my boot. The next game is to let those tied balls dangling helpless and use them as a target for my kicks. Very stressful experience for the slave, but pleasant at the same time (I hope, who knows?) Finally it’s time for him to lay down on the sofa and let me stomp, kick and slap his balls with my boots (both of my feet in boots, no mercy this time). He will now try to come, but he helplessly struggles for nearly 10 minutes. In the final part I take off my boots and I hard squeeze, stomp and slap his balls in order to make him cum faster. Unfortunately for him though, after some other minutes of sufferings his orgasm is almost ruined. His helpless final desolated mood made me laugh every time I see it XD.

Starring: Mistress Kara Spark
Size: 1.9 GB
Duration: 00:21:27 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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