Cassandra Cain – Chola Ballbusting Beatdown

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Posted: February 19, 2020 в 8:44 pm

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Cassandra Cain – Chola Ballbusting Beatdown

Cassandra is chillin at home when she gets texted by one of her clients that he needs an extension for the money she loaned him. He then shows up to beg and plea with her. Cassandra is so offended at the fact that he’s trying to scam her out of money that she doesn’t want to hear anymore of his excuses so she starts slapping, pushing and kneeing him in the balls. He begs some more and it offends her even more so she continues with the beat down while laughing and humiliating him. Cassandra decides to show him who’s boss and busts his balls over and over just to please herself. He begs like a little bitch on his knees before she gives him an ultimatum and kicking him in the ass to send him on his way.

Starring: Cassandra Cain
Size: 860.9 MB
Duration: 00:06:42 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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