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Posted: January 14, 2020 в 9:31 am

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Nastya – Revenge CUSTOM

So, in the 1st minute, you are against the wall (like the position you were in in the belly punching) but you look more confident, with a power pose (maybe with your hands to your waist). He tries to punch your stomach, but you block it and you knee him in the groin 3 times in quick succession with your hands on his shoulder (in this scene the wall is behind you). He falls down in a lot of pain and you are smiling and making a power pose (showing your dominance) Few seconds later, while he is still down, you pick him up and put him against the wall, while he is still holding his groin you are looking at him and smiling, this makes him angry, so he run towards you (as if he will attack), but you raise your hand up (both palms facing towards him as if making this stop hand gesture ) without touching him this makes him stop, he is trying to fight it but he cant move forward anymore, you smile and then push both hands forward (from a distance) so he is back against the wall and he cant move forward….you move both your hands upwards from your side (so that you are controlling his hands and pinning them against the wall by telekinesis), now he is against the wall, and his hands are pinned against the wall so he cannot protect himself. You look at his groin, and he is immediately scared and shakes his head left and right…you smile again and you extend your hands towards his legs from a distance (imagine that you are opening a sliding door from the middle), as you do so, his legs move apart from each other so that they are spread…you walk slowly towards him in a sexy way while he is still shaking his head as if he is begging you not to. You put your hands on his shoulder, bend backwards (like in the sample you showed me), and deliver a knee, and then bend backwards again deliver another, his hands are still fixed to the wall so he cannot protect himself or close his legs. You give around 4-5 knees (every knee you bend backwards in a sexy way while looking in his eyes before you do it again), in the last knee, you keep your knee on his groin a bit and grind it while looking at him, and seeing his pain. After it you let go and allow him to fall, he holds his groin and he is on the floor in a lot of pain, while you walk around a bit in a sexy way and while smiling and looking at him, then you pick him up again and place him against the wall, he tries to move but you from a distance aim with your hands to his neck, and squeeze (as if you are choking him from a distance), he moves his hands to his neck as he is struggling to breath, after few seconds you let go, and he can finally breath again, he wants you to stop hurting him so he is holding his hand up making you a gesture to stop, and that he gives up, you smile and nod with your head as if saying no…and you look again at his groin and he is scared again and makes shakes his head, you extend one hand (from a distance) aiming at his groin, your palms are open facing upwards…then you start to close your hand bit by bit (as if you have him by the eggs), as you do so his hands cover his groin from the pain, but he cannot stop it as the force you use is invisible so all he can do is hold his groin from the pain, as you see that you are smiling and biting your lips in a sexy way knowing the kind of pain you are causing and feeling the power of having him in this position, the more you squeeze, the more he is reacting more to the pain till your hands are closed (maybe he can make some pained sounds or moan), then you slowly move your hand downwards while bending your body down as well (like you are dragging him down), so he moves down with you to his knees while holding is groin, then you start moving your hands upwards, like you are pulling him by the groin, so he stands up again, but you keep pulling up a bit more so that he is on his toes…you smile and look at him in a sexy way then you say “ooh….the worse is yet to come dear”…and then you smile in a sadistic way, and say “ you wont be able to have kidds after this” he is scared and shakes his head but you smile start to twist your hand then you say “time to say goodbye to your favorite toys” and then you pull up while twisting and you make a sudden turn with your hand again, and then the crunching sound happens (like the one I sent to you before), after it you say “oops” and he falls to the floor shaking while holding his groin, you watch him a bit while smiling and grinning, then you walk away from the scene while he is still holding himself and the scene fades to black!

Starring: Nastya
Size: 638.8 MB
Duration: 00:07:11 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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