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Posted: January 7, 2020 в 5:03 am

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THE MEAN GIRLS CLUB – Cheese And Crackers WTF?!

Supreme Queen Simone and I were super hungry…since we know our big, fat, disgusting slave loves to eat, we demanded it make us a delicious dinner. It felt like we were waiting forever…sitting there. FINALLY, the loser crawls in with what was supposed to be our dinner. Can you believe this idiot literally gave us crackers and cheese with a couple blueberries? Like wtf?

Apparently this freak says it’s broke and can’t afford decent food. Well, obviously it needs to get another job and work harder for us! And it definitely needs to learn a lesson to not feed us crackhead food! Like seriously….crackers and cheese?

We decided to show it what we felt about its gross ass cheese and crackers…we threw it all back at it and made it eat it off the floor. We threw cheese all over it and smacked it repeatedly with its ridiculous “platter” of food. While this fat disgusting slob was hoovering all of the disgusting food off the floor Queen Simone and I decided to take turns kicking it in the balls. Maybe then, if it has any brains left, it will understand how sad it’s presentation was.

We didn’t stop kicking it in the balls until every spec of that bullshit was cleaned up off of our floor; even off of our shoes. I don’t know if we taught the loser a lesson, but I can guarantee you that today it thought it was going to lose it’s balls forever….LMFAO! What a fucking idiot…

Starring: Goddess Platinum, Supreme Queen Simone
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