Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation – IgnoredAndBrutalTortured – Lady Nadja

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Posted: November 9, 2019 в 10:34 am

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Boot Heel Worship Cbt Humiliation – IgnoredAndBrutalTortured – Lady Nadja

The cock and balls of a slave are even good enough for abusing them as a footrest! Lady Nadja wears a sexy pair of wodden high heel sandals for torturing the slaves balls! She is sitting comfortable on a chair doing a crossword puzzle ignoring the slave under the soles and the sharp heels of her sexy house shoes. Lady Nadja is digging the sharp heels of her shoes right in the slaves ballsack! Her long legs are crossed so there is more weight on the tip of the heel. So painful! For more humiliation she fixed an old and smelly high heel shoe right on his face forcing him to smell the scent of her sexy feet and shoes all the time! Lady Nadja is so ruthless! Without any attention she is crushing the balls of her worthless slave brutal under the sharp heels of her sexy shoes! The slave is moaning in pain but Lady Nadja doesn’t care! She starts to move her foot digging the heel more deep and painful in his balls. You know the Ladies who are sitting there doing a nice heels tapping moving the foot just standing on the heel while dangling the other shoe on the toes of the other foot. That’s Lady Nadja! An elegant mature Mistress who loves to wear high heel shoes and to torture slaves! Watch this great CBT clip with nice POV scenes and a lot of nice close ups.

Starring: Lady Nadja
Size: 262.9 MB
Duration: 00:16:49 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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  • Daryl
    Author: Daryl Added July 19, 2021 в 19:28

    She could be my ex-mother-in-law. And do that to me while my hot ex wife is out having amazing sex. And after, my ex and her bitchy mom will take all my $$$ to go shopping and partying. Maybe get a pedi and trample me again.


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