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Posted: August 27, 2019 в 6:23 pm

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GRILLED AND DRILLED!!! – SweetFeet & Ball Crushing SF&BC

The Beautiful Goddess tramples her slaves cock and balls flattening his manhood beneath her sexy Black Platform Stiletto Pumps and soon becomes agitated with his complaints!.. Now she decides that this is the perfect opportunity to have…”The Talk.And she begins to painfully interrogate it with STOMPS TO HIS COCK AND BALLS with intentions to Browbeat this slave into submission for answers as it lies beneath her in this most helpless position!!! She stands on his nuts full weight trying to crush them flat!!! She delivers violent hard dick stomps and stomps to his balls into mush causing damage as she slams her foot down over and over!!!

This Goddess wants answers and either this stubborn slave cooperates or get his manhood destroyed!!! So she then turns up the pressure..she stands on his swollen sac of testicles and then SHOVES HER STILETTO HEEL DOWN INTO HIS P..HOLE showing no remorse for his screaming as she twists and drills her heel deep inside his dick!!! She stands up inside of his penis with her full weight CRUSHING HIS URETHRA while kicking his worthless balls with her other foot!!! The Goddess is relentless with her questioning and grows angry as the slave continues to refuse to cooperate!!! …and for his refusal it suffers more balls destruction and more brutal high heel insertion as she totally f*cks up his worthless penis hole!!!

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