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Posted: August 11, 2019 в 3:27 pm

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Go-Go Girls Feet Full – Chelsea Rae – Ballbusting Cockbiting Pornstars

Go-Go dancer Chelsea Rae was hired to dance at a private club tonight, but when she shows up it looks like more of a grandmother’s house than a club. She’s confused, and when her new employer Eric shows up she’s a bit frustrated, he would like to run her through some special treatment before the club opens. He starts massaging her foot, running his hands up her legs. She’s pretty creeped out, but doesn’t want to lose her job. He pulls out his cock and starts jerking off, smelling her foot removing her shoe. She’s shocked as he rubs his cock against her foot. He leaves, and she’s relieved but it doesn’t take too long before he comes back buck naked. He lies on the ground in front of her playing with his cock and rubbing her feet on his naked body. This is by far the weirdest job she’s ever had. Creeped out by this club owner, Chelsea calls her agent. Eric grabs her foot and continues masturbating, but she can’t get a signal. She threatens to leave, and he begs her to stay, her main concern seems to be getting a foot fungus from his tiny cock. He just keeps beating his cock until he cums all over her socks. She’s so upset that he would dirty her socks with his gross cum. He doesn’t want her mad, so he drops to his knees and licks his cum from her sock covered toes. Eating up all his cum from Chelsea’s socks. She’s still grossed out, and removes her socks. She’s finally had enough; getting to her feet, she kicks him hard in the balls. The club owner isn’t done with Chelsea yet, but every time he tries something she kicks him hard in the balls. She begins to belittle and punch him. He asks her for a blowjob, but she just keeps hitting him. He keeps jerking his cock no matter the punishment his balls take. She wants to get paid so she can leave, but he begs again for a blowjob, and she’s stunned by how persistent he is. She hits him in the balls over and over, and tries to call for ride again. Again no signal, she’s starting to get mad and destroys his nuts by kicking him hard over and over again while letting him know what a perverted little freak he is. But he thinks he has a solution, he’ll pay her an extra grand if she’ll remover her skirt and dance for him. She’s reluctant but drops her skirt and dances, then realizes she has all the power in this situation, so kicks him a few more times. Tired and upset she’s been put in this position, Chelsea decides to destroy Eric’s manhood, making him so bruised and sore they’ll need to remove his cock medically. While kneeing his balls with extreme aggression she also lets him know exactly how pathetic and beneath her she is. Such a gross little worm with a little cock and no hope for normal sexual interaction. But that’s when he offers to pay her another grand to get naked. She talks him up to two grand and when he agrees she removes her panties and her bra. She’s got a gorgeous dancer body, all natural pretty tits, and shaved pussy. She kicks him a few more times just to make sure he behaves himself. Eric tries to grab her breast, but she lets him know touching costs extra, when he agrees she lets him fondle her tits. She’s getting the idea of what this guy is about, she’s gonna get every penny he owns and abuse him in the process. She agrees to suck his cock but instead bites it. She really chomps down chewing on his dick. Chelsea continues her rough treatment of Eric’s cock, moving on from biting his dick to chomping on his testicles. She smacks it and bites, hitting his balls. She’s starting to enjoy it, and wondering if she could bite his balls totally off. She gives it few tries, but when he promises another five grand for a blowjob, just ten minutes of her time sucking him off, it’s a number she cannot resist. She sucks his cock giving an occasional smack to his balls as she sucks his sad little cock. Chelsea has never been paid for a blowjob before, she’s not exactly sure how she feels about it, but she’s not gonna turn down so much money. So, she sucks that cock, but it’s also pretty clear by now Eric gets off on a bit of pain mixed in with his pleasure. She gives him a slap to the balls here and there while sucking dick. It’s working because his cock gets hard in her mouth. She looks really sexy sucking dick for money, she’s got a bit of whore in her after all. After lots of sucking, some slaps and jerking, he cums on her pretty face. She wants her cash.

Starring: Chelsea Rae
Size: 1.9 GB
Duration: 00:52:12 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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