SweetFeet & Ball Crushing SF&BC – DANGEROUS STILETTOS!!! – Complete

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Posted: August 3, 2019 в 9:38 am

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SweetFeet & Ball Crushing SF&BC – DANGEROUS STILETTOS!!! – Complete

(WARNING: THIS IS A BRUTAL CLIP WHICH CONTAINS SOME GRAPHIC IMAGES!!!) This poor helpless slave finds itself under the torture table staring at the incredible display of the Goddess donning her new sexy pink pedicure with long toenails but is overtaken with fear as she is wearing these scary needle heel stilettos!! She wastes no time and begins to FLATTENS HIS BALLS beneath her shoes and then softly teases his horny cock until it is throbbing hard! Then all of a sudden..she starts viciously stomping and kicking his dick!!! She BRUTALLY TRAMPLES HIS COCK AND BALLS WITHOUT A CARE until THERE IS NOTHING LEFT OF HIS TESTICLES!!!

And If that wasnt bad enough, she then stands right on its penis with her needle heels and pins the shaft to the floor using all of her weight!!! Although its balls are now no longer nothing more than mushy pulp in a sac, it must endure more torture as she stahbs her sharp heels right into his broken testicles!!!..but it gets even worse for this poor slave, as the Goddess THEN JAMS HER SHARP NEEDLE HEEL INTO HIS P..HOLE AND STANDS UP INSIDE OF IT!!!

She forces the heel down deeper into his urethra not at all caring about the destruction and INTERNAL DAMAGE she is actually causing it!!! She just keeps pumping her heel in and out of his dick and twisting around with the sharp heel STILL LODGED INSIDE!!! And if that wasnt humiliating enough, the Goddess removes her foot from the shoe while leaving it still inserted in his cock hole!!! She then teases his swollen balls and pathetic cock, it grows with excitement and her heel to fall out of his dick! The Goddess is not pleased with the unruly slave, so she puts her shoe back on and then shoves it BACK INSIDE HIS PENIS HOLE and deeply heel f*cks his cock eventually coating her shiny metal stiletto with its red stuff!!! She kicks the injured cock around sending blod splatters flying across the table!!!

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