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Posted: August 1, 2019 в 9:21 am

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SweetFeet & Ball Crushing SF&BC – SUFFER FOR SEX

(WARNING: THIS CLIP CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES!!!) The Beautiful Goddess wears a pair of her black High Heel Sandals that shows off her pretty white pedicure and sexy toe rings! She decides she will allow Her slave another opportunity to prove itself worthy of performing sex slave duties..but this lucky privilege does not come without consequences!..and with It already trapped in the t0rture table she immediately tramples his manhood AND TWISTS UP THE CONTENTS OF HIS BALLS SAC LIKE A PRETZEL using her sharp heels!! She mocks it and disregards his cries of pain while CRUSHING HIS BALLS!!!. She enjoys HEEL SPIKING THE HEAD OF HIS DICK TO THE FLOOR and even adds some VICIOUS HEEL TWISTING as she just KEEPS STANDING THERE pressing down WITH ALL OF HER WEIGHT as if she intends to pierce it!!! She does LOTS OF COCKHEAD STANDING AND GRINDING!!!

..and if that wasn’t humiliating enough, while leaving DEEP HEEL IMPRINTS IN THE HEAD OF HIS DICK she asks the horny slave if it wants to have sex with her!..and of course he begs and pleads for it!!!..so She then JOGS ON HIS JUNK not allowing the excited slaves limp dick to achieve an erection!!! She antagonizes it then kicks and TRAMPLES HIS BALLS UNTIL THEY ARE SWOLLEN!!! She then starts with the dreaded SKIN SLASHING HEEL KICKS to his cock and ball sac and tells the slave that she requires his balls to be sore and in pain for HER while they swing and bang against her pussy when she allows it to fuck her!!! (you can clearly hear the sound of ripping skin and before long the red stuff starts to leak onto the table!!!) Now she goes after his p..hole!!! Watch how SHE FORCEFULLY JAMS HER SHARP HEEL INSIDE and even uses her sharp heels to brutally rip at his penis opening so that She can enjoy all of His pains for Her pleasure when he gets to attempts desperately to pleasure her!!!

..No cumming..only Punishment for this slave!!!

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