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Mistress Taylor Knights Empire – Superwoman Ballbusting Brats!

Mistress Taylor Knights Empire – Superwoman Ballbusting Brats!

Superwoman ballbusting This is a 100% REAL& BRUTALLY filmed session! Your welcome!!! Our famous Slave Andrea Dipre has been kicked by just about every Femdom in the BIZ..This week of ball Busting he nearly had to go to the hospital MULTIPLE times! He states my kicked are the hardest kicks his pathetic balls have every had!! Now let’s add my good friend & Taylor’s Angel Goddess Savannah in the mix!! We are super girls for all of my cosplay fans. he WILL SUFFER immensely for his sins. I do not play fair nor do I have to. suffered enough for his sins as a beta male. So once back at the convention hotel, I corner him in his room for an impromptu ballbusting. EVERY cut (and more edited out) – is him calling his safe word orange, and having to wipe the bl00.d from his nose from these immense ball kicks. Imagine the pain? This guy thought he was tough..has he forgotten I have been doing hardcore kick boxing for years, can lift 220 lbs * 20 reps? Lift of men double his size? As he is to find out. Let’s just see if we get him to ****!!! *a little hint* during this week of extreme ball busting & ball Torment he will 3 times! (I will release 1 clip from it every week & a half. To keep you crawling back & begging for more! Which only makes me kick him harder with my pointed toe patent leather high heels every next chance. Causing him to fall to the floor, writhing in pain, and begging for mercy. I added a TON OF FREE BEHIND THE SCENES because as you guys know my films are 100% REAL & UNSCRIPTED & I WANT YOU GUYS TO GET A GOOD LOOK into the life of the Famous Femdom & Femdom Mistress Taylor Knight. If you like these BTS scenes I have good news for you! My slave is current installing hidden cameras ALL over my Florida Beach house -As I will be soon starting a fan club to capture all the behind the scenes & sexy fetish parties with the hot Taylor’s Angels & sessions that you do not see on film. It will be a reality show of my life & HUGE! Follow my twitter at FloridaFindom for the release date on this, and don’t miss out! You can become a fly on the wall of the most exciting home & dungeon in the world!! The funny part is The Donald is my neighbor.. This is a high end neighborhood. Imagine if my neighbors only knew what went on here. Hopefully they never do, but you will! FOR THOSE OF YOU NOT ADDICTED TO ME YET, AS YOU HAVE NOT SEEN MANY OF MY CLIPS GO PUBLIC…JUST WAIT!!

Starring: Mistress Taylor, Goddess Savannah
Size: 1.7 GB
Duration: 00:38:37 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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