Ballbusting / CBT

Pleasing her with Crushed Nuts – Molly Era, Mistress Cassy

Pleasing her with Crushed Nuts – Molly Era, Mistress Cassy

Mistress Cassy was displeased with sissy Erica’s performance and how he massaged and worshipped her feet. This sissy is not only ugly and disgusting but he can’t ever properly lick feet. So Mistress decides to destroy his balls. Cassy is wearing her black bodysuit which showcases her mesmerizingly gorgeous ass and legs. And she can’t stop smiling at the sissy who she is about to ballbust. Her kicks become faster and stronger and the little bitch can barely take them. But she doesn’t stop, instead she knees the sissy right in the nuts, pushing him down to the ground. After the merciless ballbusting, she decides to trample the whore. She swings and drops down on his cock and balls with her gorgeous young feet. Sissy is crushed and suffering for her pleasure. If you can’t please Mistress Cassy’s feet with your mouth, you’ll please her with your crushed nuts.

Starring: Molly Era, Mistress Cassy
Size: 266.9 MB
Duration: 00:07:09 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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