Miss Suzanna Maxwell, Mistress Marks – Dunked and Destroyed

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Posted: April 24, 2019 в 9:14 am

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Miss Suzanna Maxwell, Mistress Marks – Dunked and Destroyed

My little squish is in My bad books, the slimy little pervert has been caught dropping books on his cock for his own sexual gratification without My permission. After taking a dip in the pool Our latex suits are glistening wet and encasing our curves. Myself and the fabulous Mistress Marks call in squish to amuse Us. His nervous giggles start off proceedings with some cock stomping and ball abuse. Miss Ruby delights in dragging his worthless body to the poolside and holding his head underwater for Me. Legs spread there is only one target as I kick his balls with intense veracity. Each thud reminding him that his balls belong to Me, they are Mine and Mine alone and only I decide when they will endure pain, he will never take matters into his own hands again or the ramifications with be maximum severity. Dunked then busted, dunked then kicked over and over We play My game. Taking his oxygen supply as well as his balls as Our play things. We take turns kicking and forcing him underwater then we splay his balls on the cold, wet tiles and squash then flat. He is finally dragged to the wall where our knees bring the finishing punishment and when his little legs give way he his kicked into the pool.

Starring: Miss Suzanna Maxwell, Mistress Marks
Size: 852.1 MB
Duration: 00:07:55 min
Resolution: 1280×720
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