Mistress Luna – Trampling and ballbusting with sweaty barefoot

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Posted: April 3, 2019 в 9:39 am

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Mistress Luna – Trampling and ballbusting with sweaty barefoot

After I do My training at he gym, I feel so full of energy! My slave have waited My return, on all four, just as I command him.

One hour training have finished but I feel like I want to train Myself longer!

I will use My slave for the purpose.

I kick, crush and stomp his balls and cock: first with My sport shoes on, then I remove the sport shoes and continued with My sweaty socks on.

From time to time I give him a little break: so he can relax sniffing My smelly socks after an intensive training.

I noticed that he is somehow protecting himself from My kicks… I don’t like this! I want him fully feel the impact of My feet on his balls or cock .

I cover his ears with a special earphones, blindfold and gag him with My sweaty socks !

Now, when 2 of his senses are,away, ( see, hear) he will feel more intense the taste of My sweaty socks, the smell of My sweaty feet and the cruel touches of My barefoot on his genitals and allover his body!

Beside this, he can not see when I kick him so, the expectation of painfully hits makes everything more spicy!

I have a very good time doing ballbusting and trampling with My barefoot, stomping and crushing his balls and cock, combined sensual touch with hard kicks. My slave is just a training puppet: helpless at My will and a victim of My sadistic instincts!

Starring: Mistress Luna
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Duration: 00:12:40 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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