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Posted: March 30, 2019 в 9:23 am

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Mz. Kim, Asian Provocateur – BallBusting Raging Kicker Mz Kim

My boyfriend wants me to kick him in the balls and I’m nervous. How hard do you go? Is it a running kick or a stomp? It’s strangely erotic and empowering but what if I enjoy it so much that I kick his balls off?

He stands in front of me and I ask if really wants to do this because it’s the most sensitive part of his body. Awkwardly, I do a practice run and giggle when I make contact. Holding his shoulders, I knee him at close contact and he moans lightly. This gives me the encouragement to go harder and to swing my legs more.

When he bends over in pain, it’s unnerving, but we keep going with straight leg kicks. Over and over I kick until he falls to the floor. This is the perfect position to kick his balls and dig in with my stilettos.

I take off the black pumps for better balance and use my barefeet to beat his balls. Sitting on his chest, I use my arms to punch and slap his groin. This has really brought out my feral side and I make him stand so I can kick him back down to the ground.

Grabbing his legs like a wheelbarrow, I place my soles against his balls and press. Taunting him, I ask if he’s surprised by how much I like it!

Starring: Mz. Kim
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