Ballbusting / CBT Cock and Balls Trampling THE HUMILIATION ZONE

Murdering Your BBC with Princess Lucy – THE HUMILIATION ZONE

Murdering Your BBC with Princess Lucy – THE HUMILIATION ZONE

Featuring Princess Lucy. 21 year old Latina and White Princess Lucy is back to prove just how evil and sinister she is and has just one thing on her mind. Black Cock Destruction!!! She’s fed up with all of the talk about how superior black cocks are and how BBC are everything. Who better to take it out on than Humiliation Zone house slave and resident idiot Tyrone. Princess Lucy is determined to not only destroy Tyrone’s black cock but she’s also set on murdering it completely. She orders him to sit in a chair and lay his cock on the table exposing it for full sexy feet brutal trampling. She climbs on the table and and begins stomping, dancing on and completely crushing his black cock as he yells, screams and begs for mercy. She is relentless and takes extreme pleasure in his agony. She slaps him repeatedly for crying too loud but he can’t contain his whimpers and screams as she grinds her toes and heels into his cock. She insults his race in every way possible while destroying his manhood. Just when he thinks the painful treatment is over she informs him that he’s not done yet. She orders him to stand up for an extremely brutal cock kicking session where he must present his cock for her to try to kick off. Her kicks are extremely forceful and she laughs as he crumbles from each kick.

We added a slow-motion bonus real at the end of this clip to show the true brutality of the treatment. You can watch Princess Lucy slowly grinding on his cock and hear the way she torments him and treats him in full clarity. The cock kicks are a part of the slow-motion bonus real as well and you can see the true evil in her eyes as she really aims to ruin Tyrone. Absolutely amazing clip and the slow motion bonus portions help to make this one of our best and most brutal clips yet. Enjoy!!

Starring: Princess Lucy
Size: 742.7 MB
Duration: 00:10:00 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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