Ballbusting / CBT Sadistic Southern Belles

Sadistic Southern Belles – Harsh CBT On The Rack

Sadistic Southern Belles – Harsh CBT On The Rack

This unfortunate slave finds himself in quite a predicament. tightly bound to a stretching rack with three women just itching to torment his worthless cock. Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ultra Violet, and Mistress Ayn are not amused that his cock is not hard for their them, and they are even more annoyed that it is dripping. “That thing is just begging to be tortured.” Goddess Samantha applies weighted nipple clamps while Mistress Ayn ties up his balls tightly. Next Mistress Ultra Violet applies the ball crusher and attaches it to the winch on the stretching rack. She turns the wheel and the “click, click” you hear only means the slaves balls are being slowly stretched from his body.

Mistress Ayn teases his cock with her flogger while Mistress Ultra Violet grabs his already swollen nut sack, as Goddess Samantha continues tormenting his nipples. Mistress Ayn and Mistress Ultra Violet commence to giving his balls a nasty whipping with a short leather flogger that leaves his balls 50 shades of purple.

Starring: Goddess Samantha, Mistress Ultra Violet, Mistress Ayn
Size: 424.1 MB
Duration: 00:11:18 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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