Bluefluke and Lola – Chastity Slave Teased Then Sounded – Madam Director

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Posted: January 12, 2019 в 10:20 am

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Bluefluke and Lola – Chastity Slave Teased Then Sounded – Madam Director

I want to have a little fun with Bluefluke. He’s been in chastity on strict denial for a while, so I’m going to use that for my amusement. Bluefluke is totally immobilized in a neoprene sleepsack. I take my antique medical vibrator and tease him in chastity. His balls are insanely swollen from the prolonged period of denial. They are also very sensitive because I just ran electricity through them in a previous scene. He starts begging to get out of chastity. I decide to let him out but remind him that his release will come with conditions. He will probably enjoy the release, but not like the conditions. I tell him that when he is suffering for me later, he should remember that he asked me for something.

I remove the chastity and tie a little bullet vibrator directly against the head of the penis. He starts absolutely leaking pre-cum. If he wasn’t sexually frustrated enough before, he certainly is now! He seems to like the sensation of the vibration. Well, now for something he may not like. Bluefluke has never been sounded before, and I’m curious to see his reaction. I take some surgical lube and slide the metal sound right into him. I’m not sure if he will like the feeling or hate it, but I’m going to do it to him anyway. The sound goes in fairly easily for a first-timer. I fuck the head of his penis with the metal sound, which he seems to actually enjoy. I ask Bluefluke which he dislikes more, chastity or being sounded. Bluefluke responds that being sounded is preferable to chastity. Well, I don’t want to give him what he wants, so I remove the sound and lock him back up into the chastity device.

Starring: Lola
Size: 1.0 GB
Duration: 00:14:29 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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