Ballbusting / CBT



You are beautiful as always with loose hair and makeup that stands out Your enormous sensuality and beauty. I’d like to see You with sheer black stockings, leggings and stilettos, possibly classic decollete or plateau, maybe black with red sole, like the ones in the video Mistress Gaia – Engaged. In the video there are three slaves chosen among the ones with higher sensitivity and vulnerability to the testicles.Before the slaves enter, You’re talking on the phone with Your feet in front of the camera and playing some dangling. You’re talking with a representative of a femminist association to explain the importance of Your experiment for all women, demonstrating what techniques and strokes are better to make a man defenseless and vulnerable, it will prove a useful tool for women’s self-defense, in addition to allowing women to keep under full control and subject to their will any man.In the first place You test a correlation between the vulnerability of the blows to the testicles than the size of the penis, experiencing this on the three slaves. After that You will test which hit will be more among the kick with Your tip of the shoe, the one with Your instep, barefoot (always veiled) with both, instep and with the tip, the knee and a blow with Your shoe handheld. Then You check if the erection are more susceptible to be stimulated by Your feet veiled with or without shoes, or only by Your shoe held in Your hands and in which You try to enter the penis of a slave.Then You experience whether there is correlation between the most vulnerable testicles and having penis more limp or harder. And then finally when the slaves cum (excited by Your shoes and Your veiled feet), go to see if testicles are more fragile and sensitive, and so an easier target for a woman, just to humiliate and mock a man.

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