Madam Director – Yogi and Lola – Bad Boyfriend Ballbust

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Posted: January 6, 2019 в 10:04 am

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Madam Director – Yogi and Lola – Bad Boyfriend Ballbust

My asshole boyfriend has really been ticking me off lately. I told him to clean the house and then he just like disappeared for hours. Whatever, I have things to do, so I start to undress for my shower so that I can do the things that I need to get done. Just as I start taking off my clothes, I hear my asshole boyfriend come back into the house. Wearing just my dirty panties and ankle socks, I run out of the bathroom to confront him about running out on me with the house still a mess. The idiot tries to argue with me. He tells me the house is clean. That’s bullshit. I see plenty of things wrong with my house that he should have straightened up for me before he left. I have some of my laundry on the floor, there’s an old Starbucks cup on the table (from god knows when) that I just didn’t feel like throwing out. There’s a lot of stuff that he didn’t do for me.

I’m really mad about it. He’s my boyfriend. He should just do things without me having to ask twice. I take my stinky panties and I put them over his ugly face. I want him to smell my cunt while I punish him. It’s the cunt that owns him and I want him to remember that. I tell him to get naked because I’m about to punish him right this minute to show him how angry I am for not listening to me. At least he listens to me about that and he strips naked right in the middle of my living room.

I hit him as hard as I can in the balls. I will always have power and control over him because he is male. Males are more vulnerable because they have their silly balls hanging outside their bodies for a girl to slap around whenever she feels like it. My boyfriend seems moody about the argument. I don’t’ know why I stay with him. Slaps aren’t enough to correct this. I’ve got to go in with hard kicks to remind him who leads this relationship. When he drops to the ground, I patronize him. He’s in a lot of pain now, but he wouldn’t be if he just listened to me. This is what I have to do to get my point across, but he deserves it! He’s a bad boyfriend! I tell him to remember the pain he is feeling. Pain is what it feels like to be a bad boyfriend! I make my boyfriend kiss my stinky ankle socks and thank me for punishing him. He grovels for a little while before I tell him to get back up and get to work cleaning my house.

Starring: Yogi and Lola
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