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Ballbusting Beauties – Miss Tiffany – Attitude Adjustment 3

Ballbusting Beauties – Miss Tiffany – Attitude Adjustment 3

Tiffany is at home talking to her friends on the phone about their plans for the evening when suddenly her loser step-father burst into the room saying they need to have a “talk”. Clearly not listening to a word he has to say about keeping her room clean, he attempts to discipline her by snatching her phone out of her hands and refusing to give it back. Realizing she needs to take some disciplinary action of her own, she gives her step-father a swift, crushing kick to the balls. While gasping for air on his knees defenseless, she takes the opportunity to grab her phone back. When he is finally able to stand again, its clear through his pants that he is actually getting an erection from being dominated by his hot step-daughter! Tiffany can’t believe just how much of a loser her step-father really is, pummeling his groin with full force punts as he begs her not to tell her mother. Knowing he is unable to control his erection at this point, Tiffany makes sure to take pictures on her phone of his humiliating experience so she can blackmail him from this point forward. After forcing him to agree to become her maid and do all her chores, she blasts him in the balls with one final kick that launches him clean off the ground; leaving him a crumpled mess on the floor to sit on so she can continue talking to her friends!

Starring: Miss Tiffany
Size: 316.9 MB
Duration: 00:08:15 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4


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