Miss Ropers Unwinnable Bet (Custom Clip) – Featuring Raquel Roper – Torture Time

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Posted: December 15, 2018 в 9:32 am

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Miss Ropers Unwinnable Bet (Custom Clip) – Featuring Raquel Roper – Torture Time

Miss Roper has just made an unwinnable bet with Slave Fluffy. Little does Fluffy know, that his chances of winning are extremely slim, but if Fluffy is able to withstand 10 minutes of a Miss Roper beatdown, she will allow him to have his way with her. However, if Fluffy loses, she has other devious ideas for Fluffy.

Little does Fluffy know that Miss Roper is known for how brutal her beatdowns can be and this time is no exception. Miss Roper begins attacking Fluffy, switching between kicks, punches and knees to Fluffy’s exposed dick and body, followed by using Fluffy’s dick as a leash. Next, Miss Roper unleashes a rapid barrage of scratches with her nice and sharp nails before unleashing more havoc on Fluffy’s dick.

Barely 5 minutes into Fluffy’s beatdown, he is already begging for mercy, but he won’t get mercy just yet. Fluffy still has to pay up on his lost bet.

Miss Roper decides that she will ruin Fluffy’s orgasm as his punishment. Miss Roper has Fluffy lay in her lap as she begins stroking his cock. Miss Roper alternates between normal strokes, before tightening her grip on Fluffy’s cock, watching his face squint in a mixture of pain and pleasure while continuing to edge Fluffy.

Fluffy begins to beg Miss Roper to cum, which she grants, but he must do it without her help, so she removes her hands from his dick ruining his orgasm as planned. Even after ruining Fluffy’s orgasm, Fluffy still launched a few massive loads right into his face.

Miss Roper could not have asked for a better outcome as she laughs at Slave Fluffy’s misfortunes as his face is drenched in his own cum.

Starring: Miss Roper
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Duration: 00:10:56 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
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