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Posted: November 9, 2018 в 8:42 pm

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Yogi and Lola – The Test – Madam Director

At intake, each slave is given a test. The test is to determine the slave’s placement. The test has been designed such that no slave passes, but the slave does not know that while he is taking it.

First, some jagged polyhedral dice are placed under the feet. I keep misusing the singular and plural forms of “dice” when I talk about the objects, which is slight torment in and of itself. The slave is told that one of the objectives of the test it to keep all the dice in place underneath the feet. He must stand on the jagged points the entire time.

And of course, the slave is bound very tightly, while standing. I remind the slave that it should try to do its best while taking this test, as it will want good placement in the stable.

Some clothespins are clamped onto the testicles. The slave is told that one of the objectives of the test is to see if it can keep all the clothespins attached for the entire test’s duration. No matter what I do to it, the clothespins and dice should remain in place. For each lost clothespin or polyhedron, the slave will receive a deduction of ten points.

The slave is blindfolded, and ball gagged.

The series of things I do to the slave next cause it to lose clothespins and dice one by one while I tally up the point deductions. It’s very fun to watch the slave try to pass a test that it can’t possibly. When I feel like the slave has stopped trying to do it’s best, I remind it that it wants to get good placement. If it tests very poorly, it might end up buried underneath the stable instead of living inside it.

The slave does fail the test, just like I knew it would all along. That’s ok, though. He may not get a nice cushy job in the kitchen, but at least he’s not going to end up buried on the grounds, at least not right away. I tell it that it will be given a place out in the stable with the others. Just one quick procedure needs to be done first, to make sure it gets along well with the other males in the stable that won’t be used for breeding. While the slave is still tied I bring out the elastrator and give it a quick castration before sending it to mingle with the other gelding males in its new home.

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