Ballbusting / CBT

Queen Arena Rome – Date Domination

Queen Arena Rome – Date Domination

Jay’s been out of the dating scene for a while now and decided to get on Craigslist. Yeah, who uses craigslist anymore? Well anyway little does he know that Queen Arena Rome often uses Craigslist as a web for a ballbusting foot domination ambush operation. They come home from their date and start getting lovey dovey and Arena lures him into a false sense of security with the old “let me slip into something a little more comfortable” line. She actually makes him turn around and this loser falls for it, big time. She let’s him look and he obviously thinks this will be the greatest sexual night of his life and maybe it actually is because he gets to experience Queen Arena’s feet and ass in a very up close and personal fashion. His face starts to drop as she announces to him that she is actually married and as they say that’s all she wrote. She proceeds to BUST his balls with a kick after a kick after another kick and down he goes. Next comes the spitting, foot domination, verbal, more spitting, some actual ass smothering which he could probably file charges over and more of all the above. Ballbusting OUCH!!!!!! This is feminine date domination at its finest.

Starring: Arena Rome
Size: 791.1 MB
Duration: 00:12:33 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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