Ballbusting / CBT

Queen Arena Rome – BALLBUSTER

Queen Arena Rome – BALLBUSTER

Ballbusting! Every kick brutally different. Queen Arena Rome has taken a liking to the German language throughout the years and feels like all slaves should be called sklaves now. She walks in and takes her cock off and hangs it on her chair. Leaves for a second but you can hear her rustling around. Next, in all of her pride and glory she re-enters dragging this sad sack of balls. This sklave is hooded, collared and leashed. She has its leash in one hand and a riding crop in the other. Queen just starts kicking him in the nuts right from the jump, over and over again. Repositioning him whipping his inner thighs with her riding crop making sure he is spread wide enough. He goes to the ground several times, gets stomped a bit, ballbusted from the rear a fair amount, drug around and scolded some more. Ballbusting, ballbusting, ballbusting, over and over. The impact slap of her bare foot slamming into this most preciously treasured region of a male’s body, his scrotum and testis is startling and frightening. When sklave is getting busted from the rear having zero opportunity to defend itself or brace for the blow is shear terror. Queen is cruel, we’ve all been knowing that for a while and today it shows. This sklave is mocked, berated and chided, laughed at and beguiled all while Queen just stands there in her camo yoga pants and big tits accentuated by her tight athletic top. You can cut the humiliation with a knife, but surely this sklave is numb to it, with ringing ears, heart racing, fear that his next moment is his last, all from ballbusting, ballbusting and more ballbusting.

Starring: Arena Rome
Size: 595.2 MB
Duration: 00:15:52 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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