Ballbusting / CBT

Mistress Lady Renee – Latex ballbuster

Mistress Lady Renee – Latex ballbuster

There are so many ways to bust a slave’s balls. I love to use a variety of ball abuse methods to break My slave’s willpower and nut-sack simultaneously. To begin with, there’s hard punching, going uppercut to get direct impact on the hanging scrotum. A few side punches thrown in to get either the left nut or the right nut with a direct hit. Rapid fire speed punching is a real treat for any slave of Mine, a new lethal punch landing on the ball-bag before it can stop swinging from the previous punch. Obviously I love to really exploit the slave’s situation, so slapping, twisting, pulling and crushing will all be employed to create maximum pain for him. My massive platform PVC boots are just perfect to get the balls swinging, so kick after kick I bust this bitch’s balls, all the time laughing in his face. Don’t miss the impacts with My elbows, nor the knees to his nether regions. In between his cries and yells of pain, I will make him confess his balls are Mine, to do with as I fucking please!

Starring: Mistress Lady Renee
Size: 415.3 MB
Duration: 00:08:23 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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