Michelle Nut Damage – Trampling Feet Perfection

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Posted: September 6, 2018 в 9:14 am

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Michelle Nut Damage – Trampling Feet Perfection

Michelle get right too it and steps up onto his cock and balls with both feet. She then treats the rest of his body top her sexy feet and full weight as she walks up onto his chest. She stands on his chest on her toes as the slave struggles to breath. She then walks back down his body and starts to torture his cock and balls some more. She mushes them around, steps on his dick then tramples his stomach more.

About half way through the clip Michelle decides that the salves nuts will have to take her sexy bare feet almost constantly pressing down on his nuts with her bare heels. Multiple times she get his nuts pushed up towards his stomach and under her bare heels. Once they are centered she rocks back and forth. Every time she rocks back on his nuts you can see them go flat under her feet. At one point when she is leaning forward using the table to hold her up and her heels on his nuts, the slave tells her to stand up straight while she is on his nuts. This puts literally as much weight as possible on his nuts and you can see the extreme pressure being exerted as all of her weight transfers to his nuts. Both nuts deform then his left nuts goes shooting out but his right one stands crushed and deformed under her other foot.

She quickly get them back under her feet and continues to pump and crush his nuts. Getting to the end of the clip still crushing his nuts with her bare heels, she starts a twisting action that is crushing and grinding his nuts and cock. This is too much for the slave to handle… he ends up exploding with cum as Michelle is grinding and crushing him!

Starring: Michelle
Size: 381 MB
Duration: 00:10:15 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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