Xena And Frankie – MILKED AND BUSTED

Xena And Frankie – MILKED AND BUSTED

Xena is a unique, very pretty and only 18 years old. We are glad we found her, or she found us, because she has an absolute blast hurting mens balls. She said she has done karate for a few years so that would explain some of the force behind a few of her kicks when she decided to kick harder. Xena can’t believe Frankie has a ballbusting slave, and wants one of her own. Her first time kicking nuts and she finds his pain hilarious. Xena asked Frankie how she keeps him from running away, and Frankie explains how blackmail plays a good part. The slave hangs his head as he knows there is not much he can say or do about it. He just must take whatever they dish out. But each kick he takes to his cock and balls just hurts worse and worse. You can literally see him shaking at points before the kick comes. And the pain on his face. He falls to one knee rocking back and fourth in agonizing pain, but he knows he must get back up for Frankie and her knew friend Xena. Frankie likes showing off her ballbusting slave to new girls, and she does not want to be embarrassed by him acting like a wimp. Xena ends up giving him a kick that puts him into a fetal position and asking for medical attention, so play time had to end.

Starring: Xena, Frankie
Size: 344.3 MB
Duration: 00:20:19 min
Resolution: 854×480
Format video: mp4



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