Lady Kara – No mercy for your balls until you cum

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Posted: August 26, 2018 в 9:11 am

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Lady Kara – No mercy for your balls until you cum

I wanna play with your balls very sadistic. I sit on your face slave. I tie your balls up so you don’t have a chance to escape. You can only worshipping and licking my ass when I’m taking a pleasure of listening your moaning when I torture your balls and dick. Can you feel hot on your balls. Haha. Yes slave, I am smoking a cigarette and I’m using it to torture your balls. I’m touching your flesh with the burning cigarette. When you are in pain, I have a pleasure. I have more surprices for you. I use the wartenberg wheel to torture your balls. That is very sharp, can you feel it? Haha. Do you know what is the best? I won’t stop until you cum for me. I know I’m sadistic, but what can I do when I love to hear your groaning when I’m slapping and squeezing your balls with no mercy. I think my slave wants to feel my teeth on his cock. Don’t worry slave I use my sharp teeth to give you some pain and pleasure. Oh, slave you cum when I’m biting your dick…I didn’t let you to cum!…Now you must suffer and cum again…

Starring: Lady Kara
Size: 1049 MB
Duration: 00:16:34 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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  • Newport348
    Author: Newport348 http://n/a Added October 10, 2018 в 18:02

    I just love Lady Kara. More from her please.


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