Cry For Me, bitch – The Wolfe Sole Experience

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Posted: July 27, 2018 в 2:27 pm

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Cry For Me, bitch – The Wolfe Sole Experience

I’ve have My little slave bitch in a humiliating predicament, tied up on the floor, complete with his hands tied together around his pathetic beta dick. I come into the room to find him jerking away and decide to give him a little “help”. It’s so entertaining watching him stroke that stupid appendage and exponentially more entertaining to also be able to do whatever I want while he strokes. Today I’ve decided I’m going to make My little slave really love getting gagged by My stinky bare feet, and what better way to do so than shoving My feet down his throat while making him jerk for Me? Of course I know that there’s no fucking way a little beta like him can last once My divine feet are anywhere near his face, let alone down his throat…especially once I make him start fucking his hands. Oh, yes, the bitch lasts all of 3 minutes before cumming all over himself…and then the real fun begins. After wiping up all the cum with My feet and making him eat it, I punish that little appendage of his for being so fucking pathetic. I thoroughly enjoy Myself as I kick and stomp on the loser’s cock and balls until he starts crying like the little fucking bitch he is!

Starring: Janira Wolfe
Size: 353.3 MB
Duration: 00:09:32 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4


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