Ballbusting / CBT

Alex Coal – Sleazy Man Gets Ball Busting Punishment

Alex Coal – Sleazy Man Gets Ball Busting Punishment

The owner of a rival cat house attempts to infiltrate the brothel where Alex Coal works. The gall, the disrespect, this just won’t do! The madame of the brothel informs Miss Coal of the issue and she sets to taking care of it. The unsuspecting sap is tricked into visiting the vengeful Domme’s room. She kicks, slaps, knees, scratches, squeezes, and punishes his vulnerable balls until he confesses his sins. Then as a parting gift a humbler is tightened around his swollen sack, he crawls out of the brothel nude, sore, with spit on his face. He won’t be coming back. This was a custom video! The request was for: “A rival brothel sends a “client” to the Doll House attempting to coerce some of the girls to leave. The “client” has been found out by the Madame and she convinces him to see the best domme in the house. You. His balls are on the menu. Torture his nuts to get a confession.

Starring: Alex Coal
Size: 625.28 MB
Duration: 00:16:41 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



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