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Empress Loves New Toys PT2 – EMPRESS JENNIFER

Empress Loves New Toys PT2 – EMPRESS JENNIFER

He has the drive, but does he have the money? How much does he make and how much does he spend? Because I want to know what he’s giving to ME. Why show up to My door with NOTHING to offer? Look at Me, you’re already getting more than you deserve. He says he has alot of expenses. So in My graciousness, consider taking JUST ONE AWAY.. but he says THEY ARE ALL REQUIRED… haha car payments, mortgage, ch1ld support, LIVING EXPENSES? He really thinks every single one of those things is REQUIRED. He really is new to this whole thing, isn’t he?A bit fun playing counselor, while I teach him that nothing is that permanent when you just change your lifestyle around.. what a noob. I’d even teach him how to budget during the process..

“when you change your lifestyle, things just sort of follow. Especially money”

But we will get to that later.. right now, I just want you. Just the way you are..Because there is another way he can give Me money. By giving Me his body! I beat him, I record it, I get money! This isn’t fake. Men really do all of this for Me. I let him know that it’ll be fun, it always is. and that he’ll be proud of himself, everyone always is. I know he won’t disappoint Me, every time he looks at Me I know he can’t help but think of how sexy I am and how close he gets to be to Me if he lets Me use him.. so I give him a test run, right to the balls!


Starring: Empress Jennifer
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