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your Malleable manhood is MINE – EMPRESS JENNIFER

your Malleable manhood is MINE – EMPRESS JENNIFER

I love fucking with your manhood. What I have come to know about it, is that it’s not as sturdy as I had imagined it probably was. LOL I mean, you’re so weak. you are so.. malleable. Dangle the right thing in front of you and you are complete nervous ball of putty. It’s actually unbelievable but the more I get to know you, you are quite simple. you make for a good play thing. Enjoyable because you are a real human.. but just an easily controllable one.

I trick you, telling you I will let you worship My surprise new shoes, but only if I wrap you all up… I know all of your stupid kinky weaknesses! But oops, I lied. Well kind of. I will introduce you to My new shoes… you’re going to get to know them VERY well. I just forgot to include the whole part of Me abusing your cock and balls before I let you worship MY NEW SHOES(along with a super HOT TREAT). I mean they’re new. you really need to understand why you are worshiping them. After your reminder, you will be even more appreciative during worship.

Starring: Empress Jennifer
Size: 381.47 MB
Duration: 00:09:52 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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