Ballbusting / CBT Ballbusting Beauties

Kneebusting the Cuckold – Ballbusting Beauties

Kneebusting the Cuckold – Ballbusting Beauties

Bikini-clad beauty is an obvious gold-digger. She married this wimpy dude for his money and she bangs dudes on the side to satisfy her sexual cravings. Now that you know how healthy their relationships are, you will enjoy watching her knee his stupid balls. The guy tries talking back or something, but she just starts kneeing them harder and harder until those useless testicles turn into an unrecognizable swollen mess. Jesus, let the poor cuck rest! He’s had enough.. This hottie has different ideas, though.

Starring: London Lix
Size: 240.24 MB
Duration: 00:8:50 min
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format video: mp4



Download link:
Kneebusting the Cuckold_converted.mp4 – 240.2 MB

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