Bad Girls Break Nuts – MILKED AND BUSTED

Bad Girls Break Nuts – MILKED AND BUSTED

Emilia told her friend Natalie about a house where slaves are kept. Natalie didn’t believe her, so they broke in when no one was home. Emilia finds one upstairs, his hands tied behind his back, with a collar around his neck and chain leash secured to the vent. She unhooks the slave and brings him downstairs to show Natalie that she is not lying. Natalie’s couldn’t believe Emilia was telling the truth. Emilia explains how girls can kick the slaves. Natalie has never kicked a guy in the nuts, but her eyes light up at the idea. And she has played soccer for years so she is definitely no stranger to kicking balls around. So the girls take turns kicking and punching his nuts, over, and over, and over, again. The slave is not used to such a consistent ball beating, and his nuts get sore right away. He starts sobbing and moaning out in pain. But the girls don’t give a , his cries are not gonna get in the way of their mischievous fun. The girls have these genuine cute giggles throughout. It seems Natalie is almost turned-on from inflicting pain to the slaves nuts. And she finds his crying and screaming funny. She has a natural very sexy sadistic way about her that is interesting to watch. The only thing that stopped the girls from the nut beating was that they heard someone opening the front door. Otherwise, Natalie seems like the kind of girl that would have kept kicking him till the following day.

Starring: Emilia, Natalie
Size: 334.97 MB
Duration: 00:19:47 min
Resolution: 856×480
Format video: mp4



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Bad Girls Break Nuts.mp4 – 335.0 MB

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