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50 Kicks for a Date – Ballbusting Beauties

50 Kicks for a Date – Ballbusting Beauties – Ivy Brooks

Ivy Brooks is just trying to relax and ignore her brother’s friend from pestering her. Trying to just be on her phone and not give him the time of day doesn’t seem to work as the persistent creep continues to ask her about going on a date with him. Ivy knows she’s a goddess and only dates muscular, handsome, alpha men. When she informs him that he’s not her type he begs and pleads with her that he will do anything to take her out on a date. Being so eager to prove himself to her, Ivy decides to take advantage of the situation and agrees that he can take her out on a date if he can take 50 kicks to the balls! Stunned at the request, he quickly agrees not wanting to miss out on this opportunity. Not thinking this could be much of a challenge he stands up and spreads his legs for Ivy. Having wanted to bust his balls for quite some time, she doesn’t hold back as she unloads an incredibly vicious kick right in between his legs. By the second kick he is already bent over, gasping for air. But just looking at how sexy Ivy is motivates him to continue to stand and take each brutal kick. Ivy is astonished that the pervert suffered all 50 kicks, but does she actually go out on a date with him or just humiliate him further?!?!?!?

Starring: Ivy Brooks
Size: 205.21 MB
Duration: 00:07:33 min
Resolution: 1280×720
Format video: mp4



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